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Get your hands back on your design!

This method brings back what creative professionals have lost with the digital revolution: The natural use of the own hands and the creative potential of reallife material. Through an innovative technical setup, handcraft and computer are finally connected to an extremely effective workflow. At the same time the change in the mind begins. The perception for abstract forms and ideas from the real world is trained und the roots of the creative profession are rediscovered. This inflames the heart of any creative!

Back to the roots of design,
forward into the future,
with heart, hand & computer

This method (co-developed with the Director Digital Technologies at ADIDAS / Detlef Müller) combines handcraft and reallife material effectively with an innovative live capturing technology.

Design (e.g. graphics, brandings or any other kind of visual sketch) can be created intuitively by hand while the live capturing technology produces extremely professional digital results at the same time. With ease any reallife material can be transformed into a powerful graphic design-form.

The resulting forms are much more innovative and natural than pure computer designs – and highly practicable for the daily business of a design studio.

Against automation and unifikation we set real human skills. By that creative professionals regain their self-confidence as original creators and get much more involved in their projects.

This is accompanied by a simple “analog way of thinking”, that opens up a wealth of simple (und long forgotten) design strategies. The real world again becomes a pool full of useful creative concepts. Also for later purely digital work at the computer.

The creative process becomes more tangible, faster und more intuitive. And suddenly it's fun again!

Strengthen the individuality and authenticity of your agency!

The benefits of a workshop

Technik Showroom

Technique Showroom

Direct benefit for daily work processes
  • Live capturing method, that connects handcraft and computer effiently
  • High speed! Create a big mass of innovative sketches in very short time
  • Strong individual designs instead of computer effects and stock material
  • Simple conversion of almost any material into an abstract design-form
  • The technical setup can later be used in your daily business at low cost
Technik Showroom

Save your passion !

Training for feeling + perception
  • Feel the process! Active making against the digital lethargy
  • Rediscover “analog ways of thinking” and analog design strategies
  • Train your perception for abstract forms and ideas from your enviroment
  • Strenghten the original creation process + get in touch your projects
  • Happiness and motivation for the reunited creative team !

Work with 2 renowned coaches / 11 years of experience

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The facts


Thomas Poschauko
Martin Poschauko


1 day or 2 days

The 1st Day (9:00 - 17:00) gives a comprehensive overview of the method and lets the participants test the technique practically.

The optional 2nd day (9:00 - 15:00) shows further techniques and gives the participants time to apply what they have learned more individually.


In the rooms of your company. We turn your office into an experimental maker lab for a short time. Space requirement depending on group size, at least 30 sqm for 10 persons. The bigger the better.

Number of participants

Usual and well functioning groups are 6 - 14 persons. Larger groups on request.

Starting price

1-day workshop: 4200 € plus VAT

for the whole team / incl. all materials (plus travel expenses + 1 night hotel for 2 persons)

2-day workshop: 6200 € plus VAT

for the whole team / incl. all materials (plus travel expenses + 2 nights hotel for 2 persons)

Saving Option! You are a small office and want to reduce costs?

Share the workshop with other friendly companies and reduce your own costs! (1 official organizer per workshop, max. 14 persons)

What is included ?

o All materials + use of various equipment
o Our "Maker Lab" will be set up in your rooms on the afternoon of the previous day.

What you should organize

o Provide space (from the afternoon of the previous day)
o Seat and table area of approx. 1 sqm for each participant
o If availabile: Own camera + MacBook (with Photoshop + Illustrator) per participant
o Nice to have: Access to printer / copier

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